Most Trusted Affiliate Network

We're one of the leading Affiliate Networks in India because of the support, our publishers get. Our managers make sure that they help you as much as they can whether you're an individual affiliate or a superb company. We don't discriminate. Our system provides eminence data which makes sure that you get paid for every sale that you achieved. We assess the quality of your traffic and help you monetize more by pushing more relevant offers to your community helping you build a more reputable & trustable brand.

Simple process to help you succeed

The key lies in understanding what you're best at! We help you get there and help you monetize more!

Identify target audience & branding

Our Affiliate Wizards help you understand your traffic value and gratify offers which yield more revenue as compared to other affiliate networks!

Achieve higher targets with fewer efforts

We use our expert engine to programmatically allocate more offers helping you save more time to set higher revenue targets!

80/20 Optimization Technique

With 80/20 Rule, deploy more resources on 20% of your offers which generate 80% of your revenue. Our system automatically helps you choose the optimum offers resulting in revenue soar.

Our Publishers enjoy the best of all worlds

Offers made for you!

Instead of blindly giving the offers, we take a minute and provide offers for which your performance will be the highest! Offers from multiple categories across 100+ countries with highest returns on your investment

Real Time Tracking

Multiple tools to track and verify your conversions on the go. We make sure that you get every penny for the genuine sales which you made!

Publishers = Winners

Our publishers get higher margin, increased caps, exclusive offers and pride of working directly with the industry leaders

Grow your Brand

Our team curates offers based on more than 100's of parameters helping you deliver better quality and to become a better Brand

Fastest Payment Cycle

We believe in speed! All our payments are cleared as quickly as possible. We don't delay and release payments before expected time.

Dedicated Managar

We believe in transparency and dedicated support. You can ask for daily/weekly/monthly reports and you can be rest assured to get highest quality support from us!

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