Experience Responsible Affiliate Marketing

We believe in Performance Based Campaigns. You don't pay if you're not satisfied with what you get. This is what we believe in and this is what we do daily!
Phono offers highest audience reach, brand protection, expert affiliate support and by far, the best campaign performance you will experience.

Simple process to help you succeed

The key lies in understanding what you're best at! We help you get there and help you monetize more!

Award Winning
Expertise and Service

Our dedicated affiliate marketing experts deliver account setup and launch support, as well as a range of ongoing affiliate management services designed to reduce an advertiser’s workload and maximize results.

Superior Quality 
and Protection

Providing advertisers with a platform to create the best affiliate programs in the world while ensuring brand protection is our priority. Phono is the only network that monitors 100% of referring traffic to ensure fair practices across the board.

Faster Access &
Worldwide Reach

Network effects are real when it comes to online reach. As one of the leaders in affiliate marketing, we have developed the largest, most diverse and productive network of the best affiliates in the world. 


Pay for Performance

Affiliate marketing is based on CPA, a performance-based model, where advertisers only pay when a specified action has been completed (e.g. a purchase, form submission, app download). That’s why we can achieve such a high ROI.

Lead Generation

Our lead generation solutions help advertisers grow their business beyond the traditional affiliate sale by connecting them with effective, performance-based, lead-gen opportunities.

Mobilized Solution

Our Mobilized solution provides a comprehensive suite of tools that provide transparency within the Phono Network, superior tracking solutions for all mobile environments, and insights to gain a better understanding of your progress and ways to optimize.

Viewthrough Tracking

Our ViewThrough tracking functionality allows advertisers to commission publishers on sales they influence by leveraging Phono's core tracking technology and reporting suite.

Advertiser ToolBox

With the most flexible and feature-rich user interface in the industry at your fingertips, advertisers can streamline day-to-day program management activities, to optimize publisher partnerships.

Placements Marketplace

The Placements Marketplace provides publishers a user-friendly tool to post and promote inventory, while advertisers easily discover new placement opportunities, as well as review, purchase,and track results—all in one spot.

Let's grow your brand, together and better!